Saturday, February 10, 2007

(Letter to the Editor)

Ms. Erin Schultz, Editor North County Times (San Diego, CA)

Thank you for your time yesterday in our phone conversations.

Your observation that my public criminal complaint against those named "is just an accusation" until convictions are achieved prompts these important responses (you hit a nerve):
  • It takes a jury to transform accusations to convictions.
  • It takes evidence to persuade the jury.
  • There are no juries in the military discipline (courts-martial) system,
  • Regarding the PENDLETON EIGHT, there's no evidence of any sort produced by the government to persuade a jury to grant permission to punish our Marines (note the exact same situation is present in the case now pending against Army Ranger, Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard--the Iron Triangle case),
  • Who are the accusers? We've not heard from any of those individuals who've accused the Marines--the Marines have yet been able to confront their accusers in front of a jury.
  • Statements made by Marines (and others) against self-interest are coerced under duress and worthless. There is a large and building body of evidence to this end.
  • Accusations made by the government are unmeritorious in the case of the PENDLETON EIGHT. My complaints, you dismiss as "just accusations," happen to be rock solid.
  • Because government criminal filings against those left standing from the PENDLETON EIGHT, are "just accusations," these pesky questions: Why are these men being punished without law? They're shackled hand and foot, treated like animals, unceasingly coerced to confess while locked up in the military catacombs. And why are you and North County Times correspondents (joined by many others) O.K. with that? I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I gently offer should a bail be set, supporters of our Marines would come up with the money oh, I, maybe INSTANTLY!!
  • In my case, you have an accuser with standing (me) and in possession of more evidence in the public eye than is the case with any of the San Diego Marines either suffering punishment, or under the threat of punishment.
  • My accusations (renewed and extended this week) against the government are stronger, more serious, and more powerful than the government's accusations against any of the Marines, yet go ignored for nearly two decades.
  • There is no government agency required to advance my more powerful and credible accusations against the government as compared to those agencies (Criminals in command, NCIS, Navy/Marine Corps JAG) moving accusations against our Marines.
  • Supervisory Special Agent James H. Connolly, and NCIS compatriots are a credibly reported criminals to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • All our Marines are innocent until proved guilty by a constitutionally constructed and recognized jury.
  • Lastly, for now, none of this is being reported in your newspaper despite unending opportunities to do just that.
I'm happy to supply additional links and citations upon request.

Beware the Fury of the Patient Man! You ought to be ashamed!

Here endth the lesson,
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
Silverdale, WA

The JAG Hunter (also see The JAGMIRE)

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Military judge refuses to throw out charges in Abu Ghraib case

"Jordan, a reservist, headed the interrogation center at Abu Ghraib in the fall of 2003. He is accused of failing to exert his authority as prisoners were stripped naked, photographed in humiliating poses and intimidated by military dogs."

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Mistrial ends Watada court-martial

"Prosecutors dropped those charged in return for Watada's signing a stipulation that he had given the interviews. He also acknowledged in the stipulation that he didn't go with his unit to Iraq, though he didn't admit his guilt to the missing movement charge."

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Gangs in uniform

"Mike Michell, acting supervisory special agent for criminal investigations with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in Yokosuka, said that the agency investigates gangs"

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lawyer May Argue Double Jeopardy

"Eric Seitz says he'll seek dismissal of the charges against Lieutenant Ehren Watada with prejudice, so they couldn't be refiled. But the Army's Judge Advocate General at Fort Lewis says double jeopardy doesn't apply in this case."

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Liberty Street: Is Iraq Becoming a Penal Colony for U.S. Felons?

"Pentagon consultant Eli Flyer told us that Army records show it enlisted close to 1,000 people with felony records last year alone."

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Transcript of Press Conference on Indictment of Five Defendants in Case Involving Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme in Al-Hillah, Iraq

"These individuals, including three military reserve officers, Army colonels and lieutenant colonels, were placed in positions of trust, used the CPA funds as their own personal ATM machines."

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Bush seeks $7.2 million for Guantanamo cases


“Just Followin’ Orders” - The Commander in Chief’s Gestapo

One Officer’s Counter-attack


It should be required that America’s chief executive wears a military uniform when acting in his role as commander in chief. The uniform would be a certain reminder that our armed forces are perpetually under the CINCs command and subject to his orders. It would signal to Americans the CINC is a functioning commander responsible and accountable to the American people for his own actions as well as the actions of all subordinates.

In all ways and in every place military personnel are subservient and obedient to the CINCs signed orders issued from the White House, not the Pentagon.

That includes all courts-martial orders.

As chief disciplinarian the CINC operates secret police forces internal to the Defense Department and each of the services:

  • Defense Department: Defense Criminal Investigative Service under the aegis of the DOD Inspector General.

  • ARMY: Criminal Investigative Service

  • NAVY/MARINE CORPS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

  • COAST GUARD: Coast Guard Investigative Service

  • AIR FORCE: Office of Special Investigations

John Lehman, former Navy secretary, in describing the NCIS as an “Admiral’s Gestapo,” collaterally describes the group of agencies as the “CINCs Gestapo.”

In his book, Fall From Glory (1997) author Greg Vistica rang alarm bells about an arrogance of senior officers that results in the “flagrant bending of rules and regulations to an art form,” quoting a former Navy Top Gun CO. Putting the sentiment into his own words Vistica wrote “it is not surprising, then too, that a byproduct of this attitude was the breakdown of honesty and integrity within the officer ranks, especially at the more senior levels. Intentionally ignoring misdeeds and rule-bending became almost as ingrained as the morning reveille. In the starkest terms, moral corruption had taken hold of the system. It was barely noticeable to outside observers, however, cloaked by the renewed patriotism that swept the country…”

In a December 2006 AP interview, John Hutson named that superlative military crime as officers who turn against their men.. Hutson said “officers play an integral role in the way crimes are reported and how military justice is handled. [Hutson] said if the [Marine] officers in they did fail to properly investigate the deaths [in Haditha], their failures were more enduring ‘than these [Marines] who allegedly murdered people.’” (My emphasis)

Neither Vistica nor Hutson adequately captures the true scope and operation of the institutional crime racket under the CINCs authority that has become today’s military establishment. While I suspect military authors and correspondents like Vistica intuit more than they report regarding the hidebound and deep seeded martial criminal enterprise, men like John Hutson and CINC Bush are willful outlaws.

However hard it is to know to any degree an accurate measure the enormity of the political-military outlawry, I know this much...past and present CINCs and their sycophants are cheap, cowardly felonious punks who raped my name.

Now they’re trying to do it to my comrades, to my band of brothers.


My duty here is moral and ethical. I’m duty-bound to report to the people the commander in chief’s extant criminal conduct in this federal complaint renewing and advancing each one prior. The CINC is an active participant in a wide-ranging criminal business rendering him incompetent in all command functions.

He must be relieved of command instantly to stop him from acting against others.

I hold standing in this report. So do the American people who possess the power to punish the CINC and his sycophants to hold them to account for what’s here and elsewhere revealed as the most serious camouflaged-colored crime rampage our nation has ever experienced.

I demand the commander in chief be stripped of command.

I demand a company of military bluebloods and politicians go to prison.

This is personal!


Beware the Fury of the Patient Man!!

Hutson, one-time Navy Judge Advocate General (1997 – 2000) and retired two-star rear admiral, calls to mind an account once told to me about a famous painting suspected counterfeit.

Auction house caretakers making ready for sale a painting come into their possession, alerted the artwork might be a forged reproduction, retained the services of a renowned artist and art historian to settle the question. The subject matter expert declared the painting a true original and was paid handsomely.

The surprising twist in the tale comes about as the art critic disappears just after the oil work brings down a tidy sum at auction and is revealed a fake. The art auctioneers had unwittingly selected the very scamp, by now a wealthy man on the lamb, to certify his own forgery, giving the talented artificer ample warning to evade capture.

CINC Bush, RADM Hutson, and men like them, using the very same scam, have perpetrated the greatest fraud upon the American people ever. On the backs of our armed forces, wealthy and powerful people have built what author James Carroll describes a “WAR HOUSE.”

Carroll almost gets it right. In reality military governors have constructed for themselves a temple, tasked to a JAG priesthood to oversee, operate, and manage. Ensuring the priests and acolytes are kept in line (and kept busy) military royalty have established a modern day Praetorian guard.

I describe here for the reader the collected group of judge advocate generals and their service-centric private police/detective forces: CID, NCIS, CGIS, AFOSI, DCIS, and DODIG.

Punishment parades intending lengthy incarceration in military catacombs for honorable men like Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard (Army Ranger) and Marine Lt. Phan trigger this flame-thrower invective.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!

This is personal!


In recent days three enlisted Marines submitted sworn affidavits attacking NCIS agents for falsifying investigation reports emanating from combat operations in Iraq. A hearing assembled to review those allegations was abruptly and unexpectedly interrupted to order Lance Corporal Andrew Kraus to stop speaking.

Assigned the duty as impartial hearing officer, Lieutenant Colonel William Pigott ordered Lcpl. Krause to cease sworn testimony against the NCIS agents. Lt. Col. Pigott agreed with a Marine JAG to read Krause his rights against self-incrimination for perjury. After, Pigott ordered Krause out of the hearing room.

Pigott, forfeiting his authority as an impartial fact finder, declared openly NCIS agents would not lie. One observant and courageous defense attorney, David Sheldon, objected to Pigott’s assertion and intimidation giving voice to what everyone was thinking, “Someone is lying and we have to find out who.”

Well…it’s the NCIS agents who are lying.

The Marines are telling the truth.

And the “impartial” hearing officer Pigott is shilling for the NCIS. Here’s how Counselor Sheldon put it:

“…I am deeply concerned about your repeated statements regarding the credibility of witnesses and the validity of the charges on and off the record prior to hearing all of the evidence or commencing your deliberations. Your comments that you will use your personal experiences and beliefs with respect to operations in Iraq as a bellwether for what is and isn’t legal and what is or isn’t credible in the present case, and your representation that you intend to use your personal past experiences and relationships with NCIS and its agents, are equally disturbing. In my 16 years of practice, I have never seen an investigating officer or military judge ever prevent a counsel from making a record as you did just prior to the close of the hearing. Your actions clearly violated [Lieutenant] Phan’s rights to a fair and impartial hearing and were an attempt by you to play to the media in order to put the Marine Corps and NCIS in the best possible light. Moreover, your obstreperous, condescending (to include your loud exaggerated sights and eye rolling) behavior and repeated derogatory comments to Lt. Col. Cord during his closing comments were offensive and without precedence. In sum, you paid lib service to Lt. Phan’s right to a full, fair and impartial Article 32 hearing.”

Supporting facts are in plain sight.

Special Agent (S/A) Mike Austin confirmed in sworn testimony S/A Aaron Bode (Austin’s partner) falsely accused Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins in a worthless NCIS report. S/A Bode conveniently evaded direct examination regarding his criminal conduct.

NCIS handlers sent Bode away to Australia.

NCIS agents have manufactured inculpatory “evidence” through coercion while Marine JAGs simultaneously, wantonly and publicly destroyed exculpatory evidence.

Special Agents Ernie Simon and James Connolly, intimately enmeshed in the work of Bode and Austin, are presently identified and reported outlaws. More on these two Gestapo goons—Connolly and Simon—in a moment.

In dismissive and disparaging remarks to the press pointing to these Marines and Counselor Sheldon, Ed Bucie—NCIS spokesman—decried in to the press, “It’s a commonly used tactic of defense attorneys when you can’t attack the facts, you attack the fact finders.”

Bucie is banking his posture on the hope no one will remember what I’m about to remind you. Bucie is like the miscreant artificer who gives sanction to his own criminal conduct.


(NOTE TO READER: The Naval Investigative Service (NIS) was renamed the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in 1992 after the infamous Tail Hook debacle. The NIS and the NCIS are the same organization)

From Peter Cary’s U.S. News & World Report cover-story “Navy Justice: The inside story of the Navy’s scandal-ridden police force—and the urgent need for reform,” (9 November 1992), former Newsweek correspondent Greg Vistica’s book, Fall From Glory (1995, reprinted in paperback in 1997), to Navy Times correspondent William McMichael’s The Mother of All Hooks (1997), then Kelly Patricia O’Meara’s Insight magazine’s article, “How Just Is Our Military Justice,” (14 May 2001), leading to Ed Pound’s U.S. News cover-story “UNEQUAL JUSTICE: Why America’s military courts are stacked to convict,” (16 December 2002), Ilario Pantano’s Warlord (2006), and if you’ll indulge me, from The JAG Hunter and JAGMIRE are culled these public abuses:

  • 1983: NCIS agents set up Marine Lance Corporal Lindsey Scott for a stabbing assault at Quantico. NCIS agents manufactured evidence that put Lcpl. Scott in a military cave for four years before he was acquitted. The epithet Naval Insinuative Service was coined in the day.

  • 1985: NCIS agents ignored local Australian press reports of a “nautical hit-and-run” incident involving Navy Captain William Terry. A civilian boater died in what was later viewed as possible manslaughter.

  • 1989: In the investigation of the turret #2 explosion aboard USS IOWA NCIS clown detectives represented to the American people, essentially, they proved Petty Officer Clayton Hartwig successfully committed suicide using a bow and arrow. NCIS Gestapo agents raped another man’s name and reputation along the way.

  • 1991: Then headed by a Navy two-star admiral, NCIS agents deliberately steered the criminal investigation into the annual Las Vegas bacchanal know as the “Tail Hook” convention away from looking at participating admirals, generals, and senior civilian military governors.

  • 1992: An innocent Marine Lance Corporal Kevin Holt deteriorates in prison as the result of an incompetent NCIS/Marine JAG investigation and court-martial. Lcpl. Holt’s conviction is easily disturbed and overturned by DNA evidence withheld without explanation for years. Repeated requests have been rebuffed. Evidence was manipulated, manufactured, and compromised.

  • 3 March 2005: S/A James H. Connolly led a team of four armed agents in a surprise deployment around a private residence in Bremerton, WA. Connolly and company (three of the agents refused to identify themselves) delivered a criminal writing (signed by NCIS IG Beyer) and verbal threats of physical harm. Connolly and his team were named in a complaint filed with the FBI the next day.

  • 2006: Resident Puget Sound Federal Bureau of Investigation agents received a criminal complaint against S/A Mark Young reporting outlaw investigative practices and procedures. NCIS agents falsified an investigation report and manufactured evidence in the case of James Praefke.

  • 2 February 2007: Naval Criminal Investigative Service spokesman Ed Buice, said the agency has decided not to open a criminal investigation into allegations about Guantanamo guards. Bucie said the complaint was referred to the NCIS but officials there saw no reason to open their own investigation. Guantanamo, “GITMO,” is a Naval Station, populated by hundreds of Sailors and Marines

  • Maintains secret the details of uncounted mysterious or unattended sea-service deaths.

  • Even in the absence of evidence, NCIS investigations take on lives of their own, and are nearly impossible to stop (although it helps if you’re a admiral or general). NCIS tactics are described as predatory.

  • In its organizational history, the NCIS has delivered not a single flag officer to courts-martial. Not one Navy admiral, not one Marine general. My collected list of flag officers who should have faced courts-martial is long, made longer still by readers in this audience who have many of their own experiences to draw upon.

  • NCIS agents prey upon junior enlisted and officer Marines as “low-hanging fruit.” NCIS agents exploit the unique Marine culture and command relationships to coerce incompetent confessions in attempts to up their “body count.” (Lt. Pantano, Lt. Phan, The Pendleton Eight (Hamdania), The Haditha Marines, Lcpl. Kevin Holt, Corporal Arnold Bracy, Cpl. Robert Williams, Sgt. Clayton Lonetree, Sgt. Mary Kile, and Marine Corps “Tail Hook” aviators)

  • Former Navy Secretary John Lehman (himself three times an NCIS target) described the NCIS as an “Admiral’s Gestapo,” (renamed above for this article so as to cement proper accountability regarding the scope and operation of all the secret military police forces).

  • A Navy Vice-Admiral (3-star) once blurted out loud “…if I wanted to get rid of my competition, all I had to do was stay up all night and make a bunch of anonymous phone calls. SECNAV Lehman turned the NCIS on Admiral (4-star) Hymen Rickover in a in a move to oust the old man from the sea. The tactic worked. Rickover was awarded a parting gift upon forced retirement in the form of a letter of censure based upon NCIS work product. True story, one doesn’t make these things up.

  • Jonathan Pollard, an NCIS analyst at the time, was arrested in 1985 in a rather public embarrassment for sliding national secrets under the door to Israel. Aside from Pollard, and despite the overwhelming record of criminal conduct, no other NCIS agent is known to have been arrested, never mind prosecuted for a crime. In reality, there is no one who will (or maybe it’s there’s nobody who can) arrest an NCIS agent. Meanwhile, no other secret military police force has come under such withering, sustained, unceasing and blazing attack.

More is known about the NCIS than any of the other Gestapo forces. But each of these secret police forces operates in the same fashion, all obedient to the CINC’s orders.

Reported here is only some of what we know about, and only on the NCIS. There exist, as well, criminal complaints against Army officials for the same sorts of abuses. Feel free to contact The JAG Hunter with any information you hold on the NCIS, or the other goon-squads.

Tell us what you can about the cartoon morons; agents who remind me of the fast-food chain icon, “Jack.” Pretend detectives who take themselves seriously as crime-fighters, while in fact, they are just criminal clowns. I’m talking about goons who are in the business of excluding, or manufacturing, molding, manipulating, or concealing information—clowns in the business of running lives with purposeful intent.

Jack has no use for any of his senses save one. Jack has no ears. He has a mouth but cannot speak for himself. The voice you hear belongs to someone else, unseen, and anonymous off-camera. Jack has a nose that can’t smell a thing, it only points at you. Patches replace eyes; Jack is blind to his surroundings...oh, and he wears a goofy clown hat.

The single sense we know Jack enjoys is the ability to reach out and touch his victims.

NCIS Gestapo agents do not investigate crimes, they only exploit and advance the agendas of the powerful over the powerless.

It’s time someone slapped that stupid smirk off their silly, Styrofoam, antennae ball heads.

I’m just the guy to do it. And I’m ready, willing, and able.




Recruiters plant the seeds and the CINC’s Gestapo harvests the crops.

American’s and their mainstream culture have rarely been more disconnected from their armed forces than today. The divorce was finalized when CINC Nixon ended the draft in 1973. Because the American people have not been asked to sacrifice anything for over three decades, the all-volunteer military is an abysmal failure.

Few in the larger American culture really care much about the criminal clowns who prey upon our troops. Maybe that will change as they become more intrusive than at present in their practices of community policing.

The NCIS case load in the early ‘90’s hovered around 17,000 annually. With mission creep, involvement in community police work, women in the military, and recruiters supplying a target rich environment, NCIS predatory tactics surely have raised the number to well over 25,000 (a very conservative guess). The CINC’s Gestapo is able to routinely submit misleading, inaccurate, and mendacious reports falsely accusing very young and vulnerable troops in manufactured crimes. Gestapo agents harvesting recruiter planted fields for JAG consumption. Hard Gestapo/JAG crime statistics and punishment reports are not publicly available. Neither are the budget numbers. National secrets don’t ya know.

Speaking for me, a most startling statistic arising out of the present combat is that over the past 5 years, it’s the JAG Corps that’s grown 10%, faster than any other component of the military establishment. Thank the recruiters for that.

A largely disinterested and dismissive civilian populace, combined with aggressive, unprincipled recruiters, the marked decline in quality of the senior officer corps (disintegrating, and increasingly corrupt) and the dramatic infusion of uniformed trial lawyers into the battle space leaves the lower ranks particularly vulnerable.

U.S. Marines and Army infantrymen represent particularly lucrative cash crops.


My own ongoing experience is particularly revelatory and damaging to the CINC and his sycophants (Navy/Marine Corps JAGs and the NCIS Gestapo).

In 1989, commander in chief George Herbert Walker Bush illegally and criminally ordered my court-martial. CINC Bush (41) reached in to fix (rig) the hearing process so as to achieve the desired outcome. There was no underlying misconduct, no criminal act. Just a vendetta to execute.

Navy Rear Admiral (one-star) John W. Bitoff carried out CINC Bush’s orders applying those standard courts-martial practices and tactics roundly condemned on the pages of The JAG Hunter, JAGMIRE, and elsewhere. The forgery of my name to a bogus confession stands as the most prominent unlawful act. Helping Bitoff were Bitoff’s staff JAG, Tim Zeller, and the Marine JAG Bitoff and Zeller picked to defend me, Kevin “Andy” Anderson.

In those situations where the CINCs Gestapo is not able to force confessions, wily JAGs will simply create them.

CINC Bush (41), CINC Clinton, and now CINC Bush (43) misplaced their reliance upon command racketeers they thought could keep secrets secret. Sloppy document handling, confidential informants, self-declarations of guilt reduced to writing or blurted out in surprised, excited utterances have foreclosed on any possibility of denial. The truth is out. All three men offer the proof of their own words, adding to the massive documentary record, have turned themselves in.

But before their allocutions and even since, realizing fully news of the proven forgery would expose every other aspect of the manipulated court-martial making the Navy/Marine Corps look “really bad,” Navy JAGs joined by NCIS Gestapo thugs continue to aggressively conceal their criminal enterprise. Ignoring unending reports of the clumsy identity theft, the original of the forgery was snuck into the hearing record. Later the hearing record was spirited out of a federal records facility and hidden in a cardboard box. The box was placed in a closet of a Marine JAG’s office at the Washington Navy Yard.

(Note: Nowadays, the hearing record in the case of Navy Petty Officer James Praefke is being hidden in similar fashion)

Unearthed in December 1997 by NCIS agent Richard Allen, and JAG Inspector General, Navy Captain Rand Pixa, there commenced a flurry of activity to clean up the mess without pursuing criminal prosecutions of senior military officers. This, of course, carried out completely at my expense.

Rear Admiral John D. Hutson was Navy JAG in 1997 and was called upon to examine the “artwork” suspected counterfeit and render an opinion regarding its true origin. To be sure, Hutson declared CINC Bush’s (41) forgery of my name a authentic, case closed. Every Navy TJAG since 1992 has played a part in keeping the forgery out of sight while criminally representing the misspelling authentic. Ah...excuse this pesky detail, but that’s a criminal act, and the men acting together in its commission is the very definition of a conspiracy, a contemporary conspiracy.


NCIS Gestapo agents have played right along since 1990. No arrests were effected when the stashed hearing record was found secreted away. And NCIS handwriting experts covered-up the unmistakably counterfeit writing. Looking deeper into core criminal business of the fixed court-martial was simply out of the question.


I’ve supplied evidence to defense teams for Marines of KILO Company, 3 Battalion, 1st Marine Division, 5th Marine Regiment. NCIS agents Ernie Simon and James Connolly are reported felons in the circumstance surrounding the forgery of my name. Connolly, with three unidentified NCIS agents threatened me personally with physical harm during an unannounced assault on my residence in March 2005.

James Connolly, Ernie Simon, L.J. Beyer, Thomas Betro were identified as criminals to families of the Pendleton Eight last summer, and unendingly ever since. I was particularly agitated after news reports detailed the circumstances of the initial event and treatment of the Marines. What has been most baffling and frustrating is that there’s a complete defense to be made.

So why would innocent Marines take the deals?

This report (criminal complaint) is my answer to the question I’m asked unceasingly asked regarding why parents and defense teams have so far failed to publicly discredited the NCIS clowns (as have David Sheldon and Matthew Cord) in the defense of their sons. Six of the Pendleton Eight have been forced under duress to take plea deals. So far, the government has deftly avoided having to bring a case into the hearing room.

Circumstances regarding charges now leveled against Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard—Army Ranger—are nearly the same.

One can’t be occupying space above ground, circulating blood, foggin’ a mirror eyes open and not be cognizant of the outrageous conduct of the military Gestapo. I’ve repeated central elements of magazine articles and book segments describing hard evidence of NCIS abuse and tactics.

For those who wear the uniform and reach mid-level grades (enlisted or officer), it’s simply impossible to be ignorant of the criminal conduct of the JAGs and the secret police forces. In the sea services, for instance, you tell one narrative regarding a court-martial or NCIS abuse, and you’re answered with two more. Certainly one does not rise to the rank of Colonel, Captain, Admiral or General and not know.

Harkening back to Admiral Rickover’s NCIS encounter courtesy of Navy Secretary Lehman, it can be authoritatively asserted that defense attorneys in the Hamdania cases especially, refuse to compromise the NCIS through complicity or cowardice. Either these attorneys endorse and support the military discipline system (for many it is a way of life), or they fear blackmail.

I am greatly alarmed that the NCIS (as the other Gestapo agencies) have become so powerful.

You should be alarmed too!



As detailed, voluminous and ubiquitous the rendering of NCIS-JAG criminal conduct, ignored so far is the advance of formal complaints, thousands of them.

I hold standing. I intend to slap the smirk off their faces. I accuse the persons below describing them criminals. Particularizing their criminal conduct here is beyond the scope of this work. However, these public accusations, in most cases, repeat more formal complaints filed already with the Department of Justice, FBI, DCIS, NCIS, DODIG, and Congress. These lists are by no means exhaustive.


(1) Norman D. Dicks.

I can name many more but Norm Dicks stands as the poster child for that group of federal legislators turned against out armed forces. Cowards, all of them, in their failure to reconcile military government with the Constitution thereby allowing one abuse after the next to be visited upon our troops and their families.

Because of Norm Dicks I’ve been jailed in Kitsap County in my attempt to advocate on behalf of former Army Captain James Yee. After that Norm Dicks played a part in dispatching four armed NCIS agents to my residence on 3 March 2005. James H. Connolly headed the team of four who arrived unannounced, deployed in a defensive perimeter around the entrance, and communicated written and verbal threats of physical harm should I attempt to continue my advance complaints regarding the unlawful conduct by people named here.

Norm Dicks was personally responsible for deploying a team of three Homeland Security agents to my residence six times in four days in early December 2006. Responsive to Dicks’ command, the agents went to my Bremerton, WA. Church and interrogated a 12-year old girl to find out where I lived. The lead agent, Larry McConnell, left a missive on my door commanding, “Mr. Fitzpatrick…you need to contact me to talk.”

Some may puzzle over why NORM DICKS would react so violently against a constituent. Well, as it happens, the man upon whom fell the assignment to put pen to paper to scratch out the misspelled forgery is “Andy” Anderson. Following CINC Bush’s orders, Bitoff assigned Marine Captain Anderson as my defense counsel, a ringer in the fixing of the court-martial to be sure.

Today Andy Anderson is a senior deputy prosecuting attorney in Kitsap County, central in NORM DICKS congressional district. NORM DICKS was first alerted to Andy Anderson’s criminal past in 1997. Of course, every case Anderson has touched in his long prosecutorial tenure is contaminated. Hundreds, if not thousands of NORM DICKS’ constituents are affected. NORM DICKS would rather these affected citizens in his home district didn’t find out the truth regarding Anderson’s role in this criminal business.


(1) George H.W. Bush, (2) William Clinton, (3) George W. Bush, (4) John W. Bitoff, (5) Bruce Macdonald, Merrill Ruck, (6) William Pickavance, (7) Ed Moore, (8) Harold H.E. “Rick” Grant, (9) R.L. Vogel, (10) David Brahms, (11) John Hutson, (12) Don Guter, (13) William Schachte, (14) RADM LeGrand, (15) John Dalton, (16) Barbara Pope, (17) Michael Lohr, (18) Kenneth Bryant, (19) Frederick Pang, (20) Richard Danzig, (21) Katrina Pflaumer, (22) William Redkey, and (23) Gordon England, (24) Lawrence Garrett, (25) Jeffrey Sullivan, (26) Alberto Gonzales, (27) John Ashcroft, and (28) Donald Winter.


(1) Jane Siegel, (2) Rand Pixa, (3) Glen Gonzalez, (4) Doyle Borchers, II, (5) Michael Edwards, (6) A.E. Millis, (7) George Wells, (8) Paul Romanski, (9) David Neesen, (10) J.E. McPherson.


I accuse as criminals these NCIS officials (past and present…the list is not exhaustive): (1) Ernie Simon, (2) James Connolly (and three of his best NCIS buddies), (3) mystery agent: oriental female, (4) mystery agent: short Caucasian male, (5) medium-height Caucasian male, (6) Thomas Berto, (7) David Brant, (8) Leon Carroll, Jr., (9) George Roberts, (10) Scott Jacobs, (11) Lee Fritchman, (12) Richard Allen, (13) Gerry Nance, (14) Ron Bell, (15) Doug Tomasso, (16) Charles Briant, (17) Jules Seawood, (18) McLee James, (19) Bruce Delinqua, (20) John Cooper, (21) Mary Call, (22), Mark Sakrada, (23), L.G. Beyer, (24) Ed Bucie, (25) Steven Kolodji, (26) S/A Klain, (27) Walt Walmark, (28) Tom Fisher, (29) Wayne Goldstein, (30) Tom Fisher, (31) James Goldman, (32) P. Cole Hanner, (33) Navy Lieutenant Smart, (34) S/A Carporwitz, (35) Charles Humenasky, (36) Michael Bruggeman, (37) Mark Young, (38) Sam Tubb, (39) Robert Vance, (40) Paul Crawford, (41) Phil Smith, (42) David Hertberg, (43) unknown S/As in the Lcpl. Kevin Holt case, (44) resident S/A assigned to USS CARL VINSON (CVN – 70) (1993), and (45) NCIS handwriting experts who examined the forgery of my name.


(1) Derek Vander Schaaf, (2) Larry Leonard, (3) FBI duty agents in Oklahoma City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Seattle, (4) Jennifer Wallace, (5) Henry Mungle, (6) Christine Mihaltse, (7) Larry Leonard, (8) Stephanie Gleason, (9) Patrick Gann, (10) Wayne McElrath, (11) Helena Wong (12) Danny Barkley,


(1) Kevin M. “Andy” Anderson, (2) Timothy Zeller, (3) Karen D. Hill, (4) J.J. Quigley, (5) Robert Ortmann, (6) Steve Letchworth, (7) David Armstrong, and (8) M.B. Jenkins.


Military commanders from the CINC down are waging war on our own troops. It’s classic Orwell: Warrior leaders have morphed into cowardly racketeers. Pansies now stand where Patton once stood.

I say stop! I’ve had enough. It’s time to fight back. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! And I’m calling upon the American people for help!

The past three CINCs have demonstrated their willing betrayal of the U.S. serviceman. They are simply common thieves. The incumbent is no longer deserving of our trust. Because he’s unfit for command, again a participating felon in long-running criminal project, he must be relieved of command if he refuses to resign his commission.

Infantrymen are forced to think before they shoot. JAG rules of engagement (ROE) are getting’ our kids killed. Battlefields are transformed into crime scenes. Instead of conducting battle damage assessments we send in CSI clown detectives to recover evidence in service to political agendas. Trial lawyers have been disguised in military garb and inserted into war zones. Soldiers and Marines are being indicted for doing their jobs. Following orders is turned into a criminal act. The end result of these transformations is that where America once prosecuted wars, it now just prosecutes its warriors. Has it missed your attention that in the Global War on Terror we’ve court-martialed and punished more American servicemen that terrorists? Hells bells, we’ve court-martialed and locked up more Marines than terrorists.

We simply must start cleaning out the temple, and fixing what’s badly broken. I suggest, as a quick beginning all military political prisoners, innocent if only because they suffered attainder, be immediately released. Where deemed necessary, we retry them before a jury trial.

I do not tolerate bullies.

My efforts to report the CINC and his sycophants as common thieves triggered federal and state police responses. I report here again CINC George H.W. Bush’s krooked kourt-martial, the NCIS cover-up, and the rape of my name.

For the American people, pass the word and speak the words clearly:

The rape of my name is simply not acceptable. Whether the crime is committed by whacked out kids stealing financial information from a mail box for meth money or the commander in chief’s ordering command racketeers to do the deed, it’s the same criminal act, it’s unacceptable, and it’s personal.






Signed /s/

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy, Retired

Still serving - John 15:13

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