Saturday, February 10, 2007

(Letter to the Editor)

Ms. Erin Schultz, Editor North County Times (San Diego, CA)

Thank you for your time yesterday in our phone conversations.

Your observation that my public criminal complaint against those named "is just an accusation" until convictions are achieved prompts these important responses (you hit a nerve):
  • It takes a jury to transform accusations to convictions.
  • It takes evidence to persuade the jury.
  • There are no juries in the military discipline (courts-martial) system,
  • Regarding the PENDLETON EIGHT, there's no evidence of any sort produced by the government to persuade a jury to grant permission to punish our Marines (note the exact same situation is present in the case now pending against Army Ranger, Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard--the Iron Triangle case),
  • Who are the accusers? We've not heard from any of those individuals who've accused the Marines--the Marines have yet been able to confront their accusers in front of a jury.
  • Statements made by Marines (and others) against self-interest are coerced under duress and worthless. There is a large and building body of evidence to this end.
  • Accusations made by the government are unmeritorious in the case of the PENDLETON EIGHT. My complaints, you dismiss as "just accusations," happen to be rock solid.
  • Because government criminal filings against those left standing from the PENDLETON EIGHT, are "just accusations," these pesky questions: Why are these men being punished without law? They're shackled hand and foot, treated like animals, unceasingly coerced to confess while locked up in the military catacombs. And why are you and North County Times correspondents (joined by many others) O.K. with that? I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I gently offer should a bail be set, supporters of our Marines would come up with the money oh, I, maybe INSTANTLY!!
  • In my case, you have an accuser with standing (me) and in possession of more evidence in the public eye than is the case with any of the San Diego Marines either suffering punishment, or under the threat of punishment.
  • My accusations (renewed and extended this week) against the government are stronger, more serious, and more powerful than the government's accusations against any of the Marines, yet go ignored for nearly two decades.
  • There is no government agency required to advance my more powerful and credible accusations against the government as compared to those agencies (Criminals in command, NCIS, Navy/Marine Corps JAG) moving accusations against our Marines.
  • Supervisory Special Agent James H. Connolly, and NCIS compatriots are a credibly reported criminals to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • All our Marines are innocent until proved guilty by a constitutionally constructed and recognized jury.
  • Lastly, for now, none of this is being reported in your newspaper despite unending opportunities to do just that.
I'm happy to supply additional links and citations upon request.

Beware the Fury of the Patient Man! You ought to be ashamed!

Here endth the lesson,
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
Silverdale, WA

The JAG Hunter (also see The JAGMIRE)

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