Friday, October 13, 2006

Update on "Runaway Major" in Kyrgyzstan (U.S. Air Force)
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by "Kuba from Kyrgyzstan"
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Yesterday some interesting news was broadcasted on Kyrgyz National Television about Jill Metzger being pregnant and undergoing an abortion surgery, as cited one of our papers:

English Translation from Russian original:

Yesterday, there was a news on Kyrgyz television, that Ms. Jill Metzger has indeed been pregnant.
US militaries are not allowed to be pregnant during the service (I think this one is long stretched, what the TV wanted really to say, probably, was "Watch out Jill, hubby is going to find out!!!" But some truth gets twisted, to look more politically correct.)

She underwent an abortion surgery in Issyk Ata district clinic (Kant, where Jill was found, Kant belongs to Issyk Ata district or county, whatever you like), and the doctor from clinic, who performed surgery, confirmed the information on television.

PS: There was a testament of taxidriver, that Jill did a stopover near Special Surgical Clinic in Bishkek on the junction of Togolok-Moldo and Kievskaya streets. They have, by the way, English speaking medical staff, and medical facilities are relatively reasonable.

But why on the earth she went to Kant to make an abortion, to that below-any-standards rural clinic? How she could explain that she needed an abortion? No one speeaks English probably there. Or did she hire a translator? Why she was so desperate?

Why she did not do that in Special Surgical Clinic in Bishkek? The only reasonable explanation pops up in mind: that particular place is packed with foreigners, ex-pats, so on. Maybe she was afraid to get recognized.

Why she ruined her life and career in such a silly way? I dunno.

She tried to hide her adultery and pregnancy from her husband. Now the whole world finds out. She is turned into laughing stock of the whole world.

She should've done this altogether differently.

My guess is that Jill's true story will be kept low profile in the Western media from now on. It affects sensitive political and military matters.


If kidnapping of Jill Metzger in Kyrgyzstan happened for real, US State Dept would’ve demanded thorough investigation from Kyrgyz Govt people, would demand explanations from Kyrgyz ambassador in Washington, exchange official notes, as usually happens. Nothing of this kind has happened this time. That alone speaks volumes. Mouths will be sealed. Media will give plebes "politically correct" version of what happened. And actually, I personally feel sorry for Jill. Her marriage has, probably, already been ruined. I do not think that her husband is that gullible.

Her military career certainly ended. She will certainly sign non-disclosure kind of papers. And will retire from military.
News Networks Pick up SiaNews' "Runaway Major" EXCLUSIVES
International Politics

Friday, September 29, 2006 -

The story of a U.S. Air Force officer, who apparently became pregnant while on duty in Kyrgyzstan, has now hit the public airwaves. According to a story in SiaNews, Jill Metzger, a Major in the force, is indeed pregnant, and sought an abortion to deal with the problem.

Previously, Metzger had apparently attempted to cover her absence from duty, with a story about being kidnapped. The report was broadcast on a Kyrgyz television station, which noted that "U.S. militaries are not allowed to be pregnant during the service." It interviewed the physician who performed the procedure, and who verified the information, as did the cab driver who reportedly delivered Ms. Metzger to the clinic.

The article speculates over her motivation for seeking such a low-standard clinic, where almost nobody even spoke English, for the procedure, and concludes she was probably hoping to avoid discovery, either by her husband or her superiors in the service. Now, it notes, all is out in the open, with far worse results. - ST

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