Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Case Against Lt.Gen. Michael D. Maples, U.S. Army

Dr. Robert Gates might have been asked Tuesday about his views regarding the criminal escapades of Lieutenant General (three-stars) Michael D. Maples, incumbent Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director. Or, before Gates’ speed of heat confirmation, at least one senator might have advanced a question regarding Dr. Gates’ evaluation of the scope and operation of the military discipline system under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (formerly known as the Articles of War).

Beyond Lt.Gen. Maples, Gates might have been queried regarding his awareness of the criminal enterprise made operable by recognized command racketeers, like Maples (newly added to the list of command racketeers, sidebar to The JAG Hunter).

The JAG Hunter website was commissioned, in part, resulting from Maples’ criminal rampage against one of his soldiers, Private Corey J. Cox.
Maples was, at that time, a major general (two-star), commanding general of the U.S. Army Field Artillery Center, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Army JAGs Vetter and Diaz, complicit in Mike Maples illicit business, carried out much of the outrageous—predatory—campaign against Pvt. Cox, using Corey as a training tool to “instill fear” in other soldiers.

Private Cox was then, and remains an innocent man. No matter: He still suffers the oppression of punishment awarded by the commander in chief through his designated convening authority, Michael D. Maples.

I discovered, in my personal investigation, a mountain of material proving Maples and his minions’ willing participants in another rigged court-martial. I filed criminal complaints with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division then, renewing and extending them here. Public reports of my findings are
archived in these pages and elsewhere. Copies of my criminal complaints are held in my files.

Lt.Col. John Saunders (Army JAG) was dispatched independently to investigate my criminal charges against Maples, Diaz, Vetter, and others. Saunders interviewed Pvt. Cox twice in the process. I alerted
Congressman John Shadegg (R-3rd AZ) and worked closely with staff assistant Mr. Bruce Raden in all matters regarding Corey Cox and Corey’s family (Shadegg constituents).

Pvt. Cox was released. Lt.Col. Saunders’ investigation report was not.

Lt.Col. Saunders would have, of course, discovered the same information I reported to
Congressman Shadegg.

Pvt. Cox's plight was aggressively reported, as well, to Congressmen Norman D. Dicks (D - 6th WA), and Adam Smith (D - 9th WA), and Senators Patty Murray (D - WA), Maria Cantwell (D - WA) , John McCain (R - AZ) and Jon Kyl (R - AZ).

Call me naive, call me silly, but I don’t think there’s wisdom in allowing a known, reported felon to run one of the
world's most powerful intelligence agencies. I know it’s a reach but I suspect had either the “Saunders’ report” or my written criminal charges been made available for Senate examination during confirmation hearings for either Maples or Gates, employment decisions would have been significantly different, if not publicly fascinating.

We’ll never know.

As it happens, the Saunders’ report remains locked tight. Army governors will neither confirm nor deny the existence of Saunders’ work to Congressman Shadegg, Mr. Raden, or to me. How appropriate reports on DIA Director Maples’ continuing criminal business remain guarded as national secrets.

So there you go.

Here endth the lesson.

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