Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear Greta,

I'm hearing 3 things about the Air Force Major Jil Metzger case since you and Steve Centani last reported the FBI is now investigating the "kidnapping" of Jil Metzger.

1) She staged her disappearance after becoming pregnant --because she had an affair with a senior officer while at Manas-Biskek.

2) Her husband, (7 years younger then her), Joshua Mayo is an agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (hence a flawed investigation).

3) She flunked a FBI polygraph test.

Is this story just going to die? The Air Force leadership is boxed in--if they give her 100% disability for PTSD then we shall cry "foul". If they put her on trial for numerous offenses, she will run to the media portraying herself as a "victim" of the mean women hating white male military establishment. The only obvious solution is the Air Force leadership will have her resign her commission and leave without pension or disability claim.

The news of her resignation will probably come late on a Friday afternoon after the close of business just before a 3 day holiday weekend.

Hopefully, you will cover the outcome of this story for us.

Rich Giddens
Suisun City, CA


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