Tuesday, July 13, 2004

From: Dr. Rodney Stacey Bullock,
former CWO-4, USMC
6401 Cedar Bend Ct., # 6
Mobile, AL 36608
(251)591-5623 (cell)

Dear Mr. O'Reilly:

Please investigate this blatant frame-up and inform your listeners. Do you know of any pro bono assistance for a now financially busted truck driver? The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) framed me, a Marine Chief Warrant Officer 4. I was a Marine and lack of money and the fact that I was stationed in Hawaii prevented me from obtaining justice in Alabama. In January of 1996, My unit had just returned from a six month West PAC deployment. Eight years later and I am still fighting. On February 14, 1996, when I first learned of this frame-up, I was a Chief Warrant Officer 4 stationed with the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment (nicknamed America’s Battalion) in Hawaii. I was the oldest Marine in an infantry battalion in the Marine Corps at the age of 52. Not only was I libeled and slandered but my civil and constitutional rights were violated. No, neither JAG nor the Marine Corps would assist me but they allowed the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to use their millions to frame me. The prosecution used perjured testimony, withheld evidence and produced false documents and false memories but that seems to be the norm for my home state of Alabama. Yes, my appeal has just reached the federal court.

There is a threat to our Sailors, Marines and other military personnel in Alabama. (Note: I was convicted of arson on November 1, 1996, by the impossible false facts (lies) of a multiple felon and a USMC deserter. I have served the sentence and am now fighting in the federal courts as my finances allow.) That immediate threat is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). The overall terrorist threat is political cronyism and corruption in the investigatory, prosecutorial, and judicial areas of our legal system. There is a great deal more background and information on those who needed to hide the truth including a former Alabama Lt. Gov..

When a so called crime is physically impossible and no other alternative is offered then it's a frame-up. Spend 3 million plus and you can purchase a frame-up. A criminal, Leonard Raines, with 3 strikes tells lies and receives his freedom for those lies. Raines swore he set a fire but the Montgomery County DA will not prosecute him. Yet the Marine Chief Warrant Officer-4 R. S. Bullock (i.e., me) was convicted by Raines' lies when he said I paid him $50.00 to start a fire in 1982, yes 1982. Yet no charges were brought until 1996 when Raines manufactured memories surfaced. The small fire did approximately $2500 in damage, mostly smoke and water. At the time of the fire I was the only one residing at the home. No one ever checked out my whereabouts and no insurance claim was filed but wait 16 years and prosecutors tell the jury the insurance company is out of business.

These terrorists framed me for arson in a very contrived frame-up by manufacturing false memories and hiding evidence from my defense (example - The prosecution tells the court that the insurance company which handled the insurance on the small fire, about $2500 and occurred in 1982, was defunct and that they paid a claim. A year after the conviction, November 1996, I located the 1982 company manager and discovered the company was still in business. It changed it's name in the 1990s. The company has no record of any claim being filed or paid and the prosecution only provided another individual with a false memory) and by falsely accusing me of multiple murders. The NCIS intended to frame me for murder by: (Note: The false accusations regarding multiple crimes did get them a conviction of arson by providing a hostile Judge and Jury.)

A vendetta (Note: I am a tenth generation Alabamian) and yellow journalism created an arson frame-up. Along the way accusations of murder were presented to the news media, to help with the frame-up, and the Editor of the Monroeville Journal tells his wife there is a contract on her life. The Monroeville Journal is the local weekly paper for Monroe County, Alabama (To Kill a Mockingbird) . Also the NCIS not only obtained Bullock's credit report but his wife's credit report in violation of federal laws. Dirty tricks were played on Bullock's brothers and sisters between November of 1995 and April of 1996.

Prosecutorial Misconduct in Montgomery County, Alabama in 1996. Appellate judges have ruled that Brooks’ discriminatory tactics deprived defendants of fair trials four times since she began prosecuting in Montgomery County in 1977 according to The Center for Public Integrity (www.publicintegrity.org).

Montgomery County, Alabama, the home of the USAF's Air War College has for years framed military members. Why because military members have very little money and no political influence in the county but that is another story and one I wish I had the time and money to investigate. How does a DA obtain a conviction when the jury knows there were lied to? Its all about power and scaring the little people. Yes, Montgomery County, Alabama is where I was framed. Alabama DA's work closely with one another and they know who the frame-up specialists are.

If you read the information on the cold case unit you can see that what the NCIS did prior to 1998 was to obtain DNA (blood & hair) samples from Marines and Sailors and place them at the scene of a crime or accident or on evidence taken from the crime or accident scene.

Please read the following. Help me to inform other Marines and Sailors and the American People of how this Gestapo (i.e., terrorist) Organization (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) operates.

Frame-up of a Marine Officer by NCIS Agents

From: RSBullock
To: webmaster@wwnorton.com

(Attachment is in HTML format.)
Click here: thebullock.com (Information on Dr. R. S. Bullock former Chief Warrant Officer 4, United States Marine Corps) Please pass this on to Mr. Charles C. Thompson II author of "A Glimpse of Hell" and to his Editor, Mr. Donald S. Lamm of W. W. Norton & Company.

Just read "A Glimpse of Hell." The NCIS used a slightly different tactic on me and my family in 1996 but the same scenarios as described in the above book on pages 315 and 339. Note: they have made the jump to framing Marines and Sailors in the civilian community.

Please assist me in publicizing my story and thus aid other Marine and Navy families from being tortured and terrorized by NCIS agents, who are criminals. (This is information on only a very small portion of the documentation and the myriad of notes and information my wife, Faye, and I have maintained on this overt and covert conspiracy.)

NCIS agent, Anthony Titra and Alabama Deputy Fire Marshal, Ed Paulk came to Hawaii on Feb. 14, 1996 because they couldn't have pulled off the conspiracy to illegally obtain my blood and hair (DNA) samples in the Courts. First you must have a sample to compare with and sign documents saying so in the courts. (Fraud, waste and abuse every step of the way) The Navy-Marine Corps justice system's structure is so fragmented that the NCIS can easily forge documents and get away with it. On rereading some notes from previous inquiries I realize that Larry Ikner, DA investigator for Monroe and Conecuh Counties in effect told an investigator in 1997 that there was no unidentified DNA and the then Sheriff of the County in which the crime occurred has verified. Since Military Commanders move regularly and Military members are not very likely to come back and ask the Commander if he actually signed such, I am sure the NCIS conspirators were sure they could continue to get away with this violation of my constitutional and civil rights.

The NCIS began this frame-up by:

1. Telling my Marine Corps Commanders on February 14, 1996, that they would be arresting me for murder and arson in days.

2. Manufacturing a Marine Corps Command Directive (The Colonel whose name is on the directive said in a recorded interview with Private Investigator, Ed Lemler, that he never signed such) to obtain my blood and hair samples to purportedly test against the murder of a Mr. Hanks which their lying snitch, Raines, said I did. Based on investigations we now know there was no unidentified DNA. Also, since the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) hadn't gotten my DNA earlier it is suspicious. Can you imagine NCIS having to work with a fire marshal on a murder? On Feb 15, 1996 I was shown a Command Directive signed by Brigadier General Bice, CG of MCB Hawaii. The agents told me that they could not give me a copy but that my attorney could get one. Well, I and my attorney tried for two years to no avail. It was only after my Board of Inquiry and my attorney, Carl Freman of Mobile, AL, had the opportunity to meet General Bice. (Note: My wife, Faye, introduced Mr. Freman to General Bice at the Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay, HI's Officers Club the evening after a Board of Inquiry had recommended I be discharged because of the Alabama Frame-up. We went to the club to show them that they could not turn me against the Marine Corps nor could they break my spirit.) Some days later the General faxed Mr. Freman a copy of a Command Directive with the signature of my Commanding Officer, Colonel Brendan Kearney. Colonel Kearney was my CO on February 14, 1996.

3. Also they accused me of murdering a great Uncle, who happened to leave me and three other nephews in his will. The NCIS used the media to print lies about an accidental death being murder. Anyhow this Great Uncle's death certificate read accidental after an autopsy in 1980 and still reads accidental after a second autopsy in 1996. NCIS agent Titra told the court that the NCIS would pay for the autopsy. According to the Coroner of Monroe County, Mr. Farish Manning and the Clerk of the Court for Monroe County, AL, Mr. John Sawyer, the NCIS never paid for the autopsy nor did they comply with the court order to return the autopsy to the court. Why?

No doubt the NCIS agents and Deputy Alabama Fire Marshal intended to use the blood and hair collected from me to place on his body not to test. The NCIS agent spent months trying to get the county coroner to dig up the body without a court order. Mr. Farish Manning was the county coroner in 1980 and is still the coroner. He is an honest man. Also, Dr. Leroy Reddich, who did first autopsy was there for second (1996). No doubt the blood and hair samples would have been placed on his body had the Monroe County Alabama Sheriff, Mr. Tom Tate, not watched the exhumation and had the body followed to where the autopsy was to be held. Also, the Sheriffs Deputies, who did the original investigation of my Great Uncle's accident, provided the NCIS with the facts about the death of my Great Uncle (he was 83 and lived longer than any of his 7 siblings) and the agents disregarded them in favor of their snitch. The NCIS agents and deputy fire marshal did not get the opportunity to plant evidence. The NCIS budget of $110,000,000 (1995) will purchase a lot.

Yes, I have served the sentence for the arson frame-up but that is another story and I am still attempting to get the frame-up overturned.

I would hope that there is some honesty in the Federal system and they will examine the facts uncovered and investigate this act of terrorism and hatred.

If you or any of your people can assist me in this endeavor please contact me. I have copies of Court Transcripts, Appeals, Marine Corps Board of Inquiry Record, PI interviews, my and my wife's notes, etc. I would be please to talk with you or anyone about what happened to me and is happening to other innocent military members. Please help us! Right now I am driving an 18 wheeler to make ends meet but my wife and I are still fighting.

I am,

Dr. Rodney Stacey Bullock,
former CWO-4, USMC
6401 Cedar Bend Ct., # 6
Mobile, AL 36608


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