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Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
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Saturday, 20 January 2007

On the Rape of a Name!
A letter to American Legion Post 106 – Sweetwater, Tennessee

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Legion,

The American Legion led the fight against an abusive and corrupt military discipline system immediately after World War II. I write this day in a petition, a prayer to you that you inspire American Legion comrades to raise their collective voices in unified contempt regarding even more draconian outrages being perpetrated on servicemen today.

Extant circumstances facing your adopted native son Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard—U.S. Army Ranger—and SSgt. Girouard’s family motivate my importunity. But you all realize SSgt. Girouard symbolizes another American legion of servicemen trampled asunder by the criminal escapades of military governors, uniformed and civilian.

This is personal. It’s been a struggle to adequately explain reaction to betrayal by those you once trusted with your life. A trust misplaced in those whom you once thought could be trusted. I’m not certain the physical and emotional outrage can be fully described. But Dennis Prager came close in his recent and clear commentary on how the rape of a name, unlike a physical rape, affects the psyche more deeply and more dangerously.

I had to read about the exploits Dr. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, Jr., a navy junior-grade lieutenant, in history books. Under enemy sniper fire my Dad treated and saved some of the 350 men of KILO and LIMA companies, 3rd Battalion/47th Infantry Regiment, 9th ID, during a dramatic “suicide” raid into Safi Harbor, part of OPERATION TORCH (8 November 1942).

Our connection to SSgt. Girouard is as much a part of my struggle in recovery from the rape of a family name as my desire to prevent name-rape and betrayal from crushing SSgt. Girouard and other servicemen, their families, and their communities. At the most elemental level I must tell you I want my family name returned as much I wish to prevent military outlaws from robbing any more.

Issues regarding other methods command racketeers employ to destroy men through kidnap, false imprisonment, character assassination, property seizure, or identity theft are as nearly important.

This narration is identical in almost every aspect as one presented to American Legion Post 245, Poulsbo, Washington in 2002/2003. I was a member at the time. Advocating on behalf of Air Force Major Harry Schmidt, information was made available attacking the scope and operation of the military discipline system. Although a resolution was adopted, passed, and published by senior American Legion officials, I came under withering criticism of my assault on the larger operation and workings of the courts-martial system.

Proofs going to the criminal conduct of military governors was laughed at, ridiculed, and dismissively discounted as the imaginings of a disgruntled retiree. Ignored, dishonored and condemned I left the American Legion and haven’t looked back until recent days.

To my core I believe that had Post 245 agitated enough to spur outrage in the higher reaches of the American Legion organization years ago, SSgt. Raymond Girouard might still be in the field this day, a trained Army Ranger doing what he knows how to do best. I advance this petition in the hope that you can succeed where Post 245 failed.

The supreme injury uncovered is that high commanders of America’s professional standing military, as sanctioned and encouraged by the Congress, have discarded the Constitution as inoperative in service to the simultaneous workings of an internal military government altogether foreign to the Constitution.

Placed in competition, an unbounded military government overreaches corrosively, insidiously. It unceasingly eats away at an already debilitated Constitution. The smooth operation of the military government works equally well to throw our constitutional government out of balance. Acts of attainder are as ubiquitous as they’re frightening. Examples go uncounted.

SSgt. Girouard, as others, are innocents. They’re not convicted of anything, yet locked up without the possibility of parole or the protection of a habeas corpus review. The seriousness of the situation magnifies exponentially once the general populace recognizes (hopefully through the instant and aggressive efforts of the American Legion) that every U.S. serviceman locked up in a military tomb is innocent, convicted of nothing.

In America, only a jury can impose sanctions for recognized criminal conduct. Clearly, as no juries are part of the courts-martial process, it is the singular and direct action against our citizens, by one person—the commander in chief—that inflicts martial punishment. Military personnel held in cages today define in every sense, throughout history, the meaning of the phrase “political prisoner.”

Denied the protection of a jury, we leave our military men defenseless against predatory JAGs. Contemporaneously declaring ourselves a nation of laws is a devious and dangerous conceit.

Reasons why federal legislators working hand-to-glove with command racketeers to continue in this illicit business and enlarge its practice are obvious and outside the purpose of this letter.

The commander in chief can do as he pleases to SSgt. Ray Girouard. The CINC needs no underlying criminal act. He needs no evidence. He can as easily reject recommendations sent to him as he can approve them working inside a draconian military government gone unchecked.

One might observe the CINC, federal legislators, military politicians, command racketeers, and JAGs are working above the law. In actual practice they are beyond the reach of law. There are no juries.

What I’m describing here are criminals in command.

It’s noteworthy, for instance, to realize that in the event military thugs aren’t able to strong-arm a man to speak against himself, outlaw JAGs simply find another way. If unable to coerce a confession, command racketeers fast track the process by creating a confession. Military police forces such as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), or the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID), or Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) are particularly helpful in these activities.

The ability of America’s servicemen to fight to defend our nation sharply erodes in an inverse geometric relationship to the ascent of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

There is no place on the battlefield for trial lawyers wearing uniforms!!!

Zeller stands as a dark symbol representing the misconduct of thousands of other JAGs.

SSgt. Girouard and his family are as much victims of command racketeers and JAG’s malicious mischief as is your community, and by extension our nation. Make no mistake, the enemy is within. One wonders, for instance, who sits in a military tomb today through the criminal conduct of men like John Bitoff, Tim Zeller, and Kevin Anderson.

Thousands of criminal complaints have been lodged against a battalion of military royalty to no effect. And if you think the low level, punk illicit activity like criminal impersonation (forgery) is of any great significance, I know one former navy JAG who’s ready and proud to brag about his best work.

I’m passed the point of having to tolerate any debate, cross-examination, or apologetics regarding the information reported in these pages and elsewhere. Bitoff, Zeller, and Anderson have incriminated themselves, and the larger courts-martial system through the proof of their own writings. Government documents in plain view speak clearly on their own merits.

The American Legion can and must renew its proud heritage in the fight against corrupt military commanders. The time is arrived for our nation to finally reconcile the Constitution with an alien military regime. Use the examples supplied here to good effect.

Here endth the lesson.

Very respectfully,
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Navy, Retired
Still serving - John 15:13


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